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What Happens at the End of My Social Security Disability Hearing?


After the close of testimony at your hearing, your Jacksonville disability lawyer will have an opportunity to make a closing statement to the administrative law judge. A closing statement is your attorney’s final chance to advocate on your behalf, meant to remind the judge of the strengths in your case, and to explain the weaknesses. The statement may be made either orally or in writing.

After closing statements, the administrative law judge presiding over your case will deliberate and release a written decision. Unfortunately, as any Jacksonville disability lawyer will tell you, it is very difficult to predict how long a judge will take to release his or her written decision, and there is nothing your attorney can do to speed up the process. However, in some cases, judges announce their decisions immediately at the close of the hearing or, alternatively, issue brief written bench decisions that take approximately one week to prepare. If your judge does not issue a decision at the hearing or short written bench decision soon thereafter, you can expect to wait at least one to two months before receiving the complete written decision. If your waiting period extends to three months or more, your Jacksonville disability lawyer will contact the Social Security Administration to ensure your file is being processed.

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