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Social Security Disability FAQs


The following are common questions and answers that some Social Security disability claimants may have. If you have additional questions regarding your particular case and situation, you may want to consider utilizing the services of a skilledJacksonvilledisability lawyer to help you resolve your issues.

1.)  The front page of the favorable decision says that the Appeals Council can review the decision “on its own motion.” What is meant by that?

On rare occasions in a very limited number of cases, the Appeals Council inFalls Church,Virginia, will make the decision on its own to take away the benefits that were originally granted by the administrative law judge. If this is going to happen, you will almost always receive a notice from the Appeals Council within 60 days of the date of the judge’s decision. If you find yourself subject to an Appeals Council review, you will need to speak to your Jacksonville disability lawyer about how best to handle it.

2.)  I understand that my back benefits should not be depleted until it has been determined that attorney’s fees were withheld from the amount received. Is it a normal occurrence that attorney’s fees are not withheld?

No, it is not a normal occurrence; however, it does happen on occasion.

3.) What is the difference between expenses and attorney’s fees?

In addition to his or her fee, yourJacksonvilledisability lawyer will want to be reimbursed for the cost of obtaining your medical records or reports, as well as certain other things that were paid for with respect to your case. You should be aware that the Social Security Administration will not pay for any of these things, nor will it send your lawyer any money for such expenses out of your funds.

4.) Will the attorney receive his//her check around the same time that I receive my check for back benefits?

Yes. If you need a Jacksonville disability lawyer, please contact Chantal Harrington at (904) 997-6077 for a free consultation.


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