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How Does the Social Security Administration Make Its Decisions?


For disabled workers, waiting for the Social Security Administration to make a decision about disability benefits can be the most agonizing aspect of the process. Even with the support offered of your Jacksonville disability lawyer, it is often difficult to withstand the decision-making process, especially if required to attend a disability hearing or file extended, complex paperwork. Fortunately, your Jacksonville disability lawyer can help you through every step of the process and you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the care and concern it deserves.

One common question regards the inherent level of subjectivity in any Social Security disability decision. Deciding whether an applicant is “disabled enough” to receive benefits seems like an awfully subjective decision based upon opinion and not grounded on static factors. Patients applying for social security disability benefits will be examined by a doctor who will inquire into the patient’s current medical state and ability to perform certain tasks. The nature of the applicant’s current employment will direct the physician’s examination as he or she looks to see whether the physical requirements of the unique employment position can be met. The doctor will first determine whether the patient’s symptoms are related to a diagnosable medical illness and will then decide if those symptoms are reasonably consistent with medical findings.

While the vast majority of negligence standards refer to the “reasonable” or “average” person, the Social Security Administration deems this test inaccurate for purposes of finding disability. What this means is that the Social Security Administration will look to your specific symptom set in light of your lifestyle and employment position to determine your eligibility as opposed to whether the average person with your condition could perform a job. Your Jacksonville disability lawyer can help you understand the differences between a subjective and objective approach to determining disability. Contact the law office of Chantal Harrington as soon as possible for assistance with your disability claim.


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