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The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses what is known as a “step” process when determining whether or not a person is disabled.  There are several steps in the process, one of which involves examining whether or not a claimant is able to do any of his or her prior relevant work.  More specifically, a claimant will not be found to be disabled if he or she is able to do any prior work that was done over the past 15 years (or during the 15 years prior to the time when his or her disability insured status prerequisite was last met), if the work was a substantial gainful activity that was maintained for an adequate amount of time such that he or she was able to sufficiently learn how to do the job.

In general, applicants are made to identify their simplest jobs from the past and then figure out why it is that they are still unable to do similar types of work.  If it is determined that you have held an easy job within the past 15 years, and you are still capable of doing the tasks of that job, you will not be found to be disabled unless you can articulate an argument that your impairments either meet or equal one of the impairments that is listed in the SSA’s Listing of Impairments. If you have applied for disability inJacksonvilleand been denied, a skilled Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney can further advise you regarding your specific impairments.

Additionally, if you are able to do a job in the way that it is usually done, you will not be found to be disabled, despite the fact that your previous job may have called for more exertion and you are unable to do that particular job. When looking at whether or not you can perform your past relevant work, the Administration will examine your current residual functional capacity along with both the physical and mental demands of your previous relevant work. If you need a Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney, please call Chantal Harrington for free claim evaluation.