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Preparing for Your Disability Benefits Hearing


The best witnesses are prepared, but not rehearsed. It is often transparently obvious when a witness has been coached and told what to say on the witness stand. If you are facing a Social Security disability hearing, you are encouraged to contact a Jacksonville disability lawyer as soon as possible to review your case. You should prepare to be yourself at your hearing and testify as to your injuries and condition truthfully and candidly. Your injuries will become apparent to the administrative law judge who will make a fair and just decision in accordance with the law.

Some hearings, but not all, require the introduction of witnesses. People who are around you on a daily basis may have the opportunity to testify on your behalf about your limitations and inability to perform employment-related tasks as you once could. Your family members may also testify as to your inability to perform housework or chores as before. This testimony could help the judge understand your situation more clearly and from various perspective and points of view. Your Jacksonville disability lawyer will help your witness prepare for potential questions, but will not rehearse your witnesses with scripts as this is inappropriate in any testimonial setting.

When lay witnesses are testifying about your condition, they should avoid dramatic conclusions as to your disability. These witnesses should simply offer their personal observations as to your condition whether they be in the workplace or at home. The judge is in a position to make conclusions based on his or her extensive experience presiding over hearings and will view conclusions from lay persons with disdain. Along these lines, your witnesses should not testify that you are “disabled” or “totally disabled” as these terms are well-defined by the Social Security Administration and not to be used casually.

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