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Pitfalls of Video Disability Hearings


It often happens that the administrative law judge (ALJ) is in one location and you, the claimant, are in another. Thus, the hearing is held by video. There could be any combination of in-person and video appearances: the expert can be in a different location from the ALJ and the claimant; the claimant can be in a different location from the ALJ and the expert; the ALJ is in a different location from the claimant and the expert. It is also possible for only the claimant’s attorney to appear by video. The ALJ has the discretion to determine who will appear by video and who will appear in person.

The following are some pitfalls of video hearings:

  • With a video hearing, it may be difficult for yourJacksonvilledisability lawyer to obtain a current copy of the entire exhibit file before the hearing. It’s best for your lawyer to review the evidence and tailor your case right before the hearing.
  • Although in a different location, the ALJ may still be able to hear everything being said in the hearing room. Do not say anything in the hearing room before or after the hearing.
  • Requesting that you appear in person rather than by video may cause a long delay in rescheduling the hearing. In addition, if yourJacksonvilledisability lawyer is happy with the ALJ assigned to your case for a video hearing, a request for an in person hearing may result in the Social Security Administration reassigning the case to a different ALJ.

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