Need Help in Your Claim for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income?


Your Education and Work History


When trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits, your Jacksonville disability lawyer will advise you that you will be asked certain questions about your education and work history. With respect to your education, you will be asked about the highest grade that you completed in school, whether or not you’ve had any military training, and whether or not you’ve had any formal on-the-job training or other vocational training.

Regarding your prior employment, the judge will want you to discuss the job duties of your most recent job, as well as all significant jobs that you’ve held within the previous 15 years. More specifically, the judge will want to know how much weight you were required to lift on those jobs, as well as the approximate amount of time that was spent during the workday sitting, standing, and walking. The judge will probably also want to know about any problems (due to your health) that you had performing previous jobs and why you left each job (particularly your last job).

The judge will also inquire about your job skills; thus, if you have held semi-skilled or skilled positions, it is imperative that you describe your skills truthfully. If you don’t know whether your job was skilled or semi-skilled, one test that can be used to figure out the degree of skill involved in a job is how long it takes the average person to learn how to do that particular job.
If you have a hard time expressing why you believe you can’t do any of the jobs that you had in the past 15 years, you should consider discussing this with a skilled Jacksonville disability lawyer prior to your hearing.

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