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What Happens at the End of My Social Security Disability Hearing?

After the close of testimony at your hearing, your Jacksonville disability lawyer will have an opportunity to make a closing statement to the administrative law judge. A closing statement is your attorney’s final chance to advocate on your behalf, meant to remind the judge of the strengths in your case, [...]


How Does the Social Security Administration Make Its Decisions?

For disabled workers, waiting for the Social Security Administration to make a decision about disability benefits can be the most agonizing aspect of the process. Even with the support offered of your Jacksonville disability lawyer, it is often difficult to withstand the decision-making process, especially if required to attend a [...]


Preparing for Your Disability Benefits Hearing

The best witnesses are prepared, but not rehearsed. It is often transparently obvious when a witness has been coached and told what to say on the witness stand. If you are facing a Social Security disability hearing, you are encouraged to contact a Jacksonville disability lawyer as soon as possible [...]


Social Security Disability FAQs

The following are common questions and answers that some Social Security disability claimants may have. If you have additional questions regarding your particular case and situation, you may want to consider utilizing the services of a skilledJacksonvilledisability lawyer to help you resolve your issues. 1.)  The front page of the [...]


Pitfalls of Video Disability Hearings

It often happens that the administrative law judge (ALJ) is in one location and you, the claimant, are in another. Thus, the hearing is held by video. There could be any combination of in-person and video appearances: the expert can be in a different location from the ALJ and the [...]


The Social Security Appeals Council Review and the Federal Court

If the administrative law judge (ALJ) who hears your disability case issues an unfavorable decision, either you or your Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney can ask for the Appeals Council to review that decision. The Appeals Council, which is located inFalls Church,Virginia, may decide to review the decision of the [...]


Appealing Your Social Security Disability Decision

A large percentage of applicants decide to appeal after their initial disability applications are denied. If you decide to do that, you may want to ask Jacksonville social security disability lawyer Chantalle Harrington for advice in hopes of receiving a more favorable ruling in the future. There Can Be Four [...]


Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Wear What Makes You Comfortable. A common question for Jacksonville disability attorneys is: “What should I wear to the Social Security disability hearing?” Because the hearing is an informal one, wearing whatever makes you comfortable is enough. As long as your appearance is reasonable, there’s no need get all dressed [...]