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Administrative Law Judge

In Social Security disability hearings, the judge who hears the case is known as an administrative law judge (ALJ). The ALJ’s job in such cases is to provide you with an impartial decision regarding your entitlement to disability benefits, regardless of the fact that you were previously denied when you initially applied or on reconsideration.

Informal Social Security hearings are not adversarial, meaning there will not be a lawyer sitting across from you on the other side at the hearing. The hearing is totally for your benefit so that you can tell the judge exactly what your issues are in relation to your being found disabled. The judge is neither your adversary nor your enemy; he or she is only there to find out the facts about your disability claim.

One thing that you should remember when appearing before the ALJ is that, although you may be tired and fed up because you have been previously denied, do not to take your frustration out on the judge. He or she did not create the system and is not responsible for the problems that you experienced in the past with the system.

You should treat the ALJ with the same consideration and openness that you would show one of your friends with whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Simply put, it is perfectly acceptable for you to speak to the judge in a normal conversational manner. You do not have to use fancy legal words or medical speak. In fact, it is preferable that you avoid using such terminology, and instead, speak to the judge in a frank and honest manner.